Create artwork for your visual stories without being able to draw

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Why take this course?

One of the first lessons I learned, when I first joined a commercial design studio, was that commercial art production businesses, worked to a completely different set of rules than those taught at art school.

Speed of production and accuracy took precedence over everything after creativity. Being creative was assumed.

When faced with a need draw something realistic, quickly “from the real world,” one immediately made a B-line for the visual reference library. This was a well stocked cupboard full of the many popular weekly and monthly magazines.

Everyone was encouraged to use this visual resource to both keep abreast of daily life outside the studio and as a visual reference library.  This included its use as a source of photographic references for any illustration task in hand. Now one would simple “Google it.”

Being able to create your own artwork not only releases you from the need to seek usage license to use other peoples artwork and the cost. It provides you with something uniquely yours which is protected by copyright.

This short course will show anyone who feels they can’t draw how to produce usable illustrations of almost anything.  These can then be used to support any story you need to tell. Use them as still images or with some modification, and some affordable or even free software, to create your own illustrated stories or explainer videos.

These are the first two lessons from a series I stated some years ago and which I have recently had a number of requests to complete. This is being done as and when time permits. 

If you join as a member we will let you know when the next lesson is available.

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Course Structure

How-to draw illustrations of almost anything using an old laptop

Create illustration art for your visual stories without being able to draw.

How-to turn your paper art into a usable digital format

Creating new illustrations for your stories can be a real challenge but you also then need to turn them into digital artwork to be able to use them. Here is one way to do this using GIMP.