Using Sticky Stories to Help Get Your Business Found

Issac Newton Apple Moment Illustration

What legacy are your business messages leaving behind?

Being seen heard and remembered for what we do or have done for others is the life and soul of every business. So how long are the stories you and others tell about your business likely to last?

Making your stories “sticky” rather than transitory will help, but how do you do that?

Rome was clearly “not built in a day” and your business story or message will be no different if you too are looking for longevity. 

Some aspects of business may change frequently. The essence of what your business does will likely not. Investing in a clear business story, that is distinctly identifiable as relating to you and what your business does, will pay dividends in the long term. 

A solid business story needs to be considered an investment in your future prosperity. It is not something that will deliver an immediate financial return against the cost.

This is particularly relevant if you work within the professional or technical services sector and your plan is to generate new business online. 

You will either need to have a compelling reason to be found or be forever ladling funds into someone’s pay per click bucket. 

You will also still need to provide a clear point of difference between your offer and those of your keyword competitors. Being listed at the top of a page is still no guarantee of engagement. 

Most potential buyers will conduct a degree of due diligence through comparison with your fellow page ranking rivals. Your offer will still need to stand out in any comparison.

It therefore makes sound business sense to invest in getting your online content right first. 

Investing in the right storytelling assets from the outset should always be your imperative. Doing this within the context of “how best can we address our prospective customers questions?” is a good place to start.

Remember, no one wants to buy the second or third best solution to their problem. The depth, clarity and ease with which your content can be consumed are also critical. Well constructed answers to common, yet sometimes complex, prospect questions are the kind of “sticky” stories you should be telling.

Archimedes’ bath time tales or Newton’s Apple tree incident are timelessly sticky stories that evoke simple memorable visual descriptions in support.

We produce and deliver outstandingly sticky stories that are engaging entertaining memorable and very shareable. 

Often called “evergreen content" when used to describe keyword rich articles written for Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) purposes. Our “Sticky Stories” do the same job using video and animated videos. The same keyword content is attached as a transcript of the audio recording to achieve the same affect in a more memorable format. 

About the Author

I'm Sam Finlay, the founder of moreVisible. I trained as an Industrial Designer in the early 80s, followed by a career in retail and point of sale fixtures design for manufacturers supplying major high street retailers and brands. I started my own consultancy service to the same in the mid 90s designing and visualising future products while explaining how these would function for B2B presentations. I transfered these creative skills online in the mid 00s as innovation and investment shifted in this direction, not long after YouTube launched.